room describtor
sero flex
stuttgart 2004

the information medium is a sheet of white paper that can be printed on a conventional office printer. the paper is placed between a wall bracket made of silver-anodised aluminium and a matt acrylic glass plate. bracket and plate are connected by a dovetail joint. a polished stainless-steel pin holds the plate securely in place. the pin can be removed with a magnet. when the paper is inserted, the lower section of the dovetail joint helps to hold it in place until the plexiglass plate is fitted. the wall brackets can also be supplied with anodised coatings in other colours. the minimalist design of the designators blends readily into any architectural setting. where more than one designator is required, they can be mounted above/below or alongside one another. 



büro uebele 

visuelle kommunikation 


project team:  

michaela burger  

(project manager) 

andreas uebele 

diane ziegler 


production, distribution: 

eicher werkstätten 

willi-rüsch-straße 19 

71394 kernen-rommelshausen 

tel +49(0)7151/46660 



andreas körner 


red dot award, pro duct design  

2002 für hohe design quali tät 


internati onaler design preis,  

baden-würt temberg 2003  



if design award, china 2005 


the chicago athenaeum,  

good design award 2004 


german design prize 2006