stuttgart university
information system
stuttgart 2002

post modern: the foyer of the student refectory is a precisely choreographed location. walls and staircases are set into a spatial matrix. a sequence of elements develop out of the orthogonal structure, reflect their environment and meld with it. their dimensions are aligned with le corbusier's modulor. the surfaces are finished in sulphur-yellow and feature a structured system for posting notices in DIN format. the notice board is a vacuum cleaner, sucking up visual contamination and restoring order. 



universitätsbauamt stuttgart und hohenheim 



atelier 5 


project team: 

marc engenhart 

andreas uebele 


product design: 

büro für gestaltung  

diane ziegler 


if communication design  

award 2004  


joseph binder award 


the chicago athenaeum  

»good design« award 2004  


d&ad, london, »award« 


deutscher designer club  


designpreis der bunde srepublik  

deutschland 2006, nominiert