»100 best typefaces«
poster on the occasion of the exhibition tour at the university of applied sciences düsseldorf, 2009

“selling someone an x for a u” is the german for pulling the wool over someone’s eyes. the two letters themselves can’t help it – typefaces can’t distinguish between fact and fiction, between story and history. but the truth is: there is no truth. because like typefaces, history is refashioned by time. and today’s story could well be tomorrow’s history. 



düsseldorf university of  

applied sciences, 

departement of design 



andreas uebele 



silkscreen at düsseldorf university of applied sciences, departement of design 

charly janke 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2012, nominated 


deutscher designer club (ddc), good design 11, award 


design award of the federal republic of germany 2011, nominated 


if communication design award 2009 


the chicago athenaeum, good design graphics award 2009 


tokyo tdc, tdc annual awards 2010, selected