karin sander
staatsgalerie stuttgart,
exhibition catalogue
stuttgart 2002

the catalogue is designed like karin sander’s work: rational and unpretentious. the texts and the artist’s works are presented in an objective, neutral style that repeatedly breaks into poetry. the layout of the book divides the pages vertically, presenting text and images in a 2:4 ratio – in the essay section the text takes precedence over the accompanying illustrations, and in the catalogue section these proportions are reversed, with large-scale illustrations accompanied by notes in a small font size. the format is a4 minus 10% – a reference to the small scale of the artist’s works. for the jacket, one page was “lifted” from the catalogue section and used twice to cover the book – creating an effect of expansion and completion for the reader opening the catalogue. 



staatsgalerie stuttgart 

karin sander 



karin sander 

andreas uebele 


project team:  

alexandra busse  

(project manager) 

andreas uebele 


deutscher designer club (ddc), award 


british design & art direction, award