poesie des gärtnerns (poetry of gardening)
exhibition catalogue
cologne, bonn, 2020

parrotta’s perennials

we have designed a catalogue for parrotta contemporary art’s poetry of gardening exhibition – nothing remarkable about that. which is just how a plant grows: unremarkably – it simply happens, the plant develops as it should do. what is rather remarkable, though, is that for 14 years and more we’ve been carefully cultivating the visual image of the gallery, much as one might help a garden to grow. this particular combination of art, graphic design and the right tools has proven a gradually evolving perennial, lovingly nurtured and a source of joy.



parrotta contemporary art

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

in collaboration with

karin sander

project team:

carolin himmel

maks barbulovic (project manager)

andreas uebele


maks barbulovic

principal typeface:

berthold akzidenz grotesk