werner sobek
light works
stuttgart 2008

werner sobek’s work stands for a melting of the boundaries between architect and engineer. his claim to restrict structural elements to the bare essentials is reflected in the layout of the book. the hierarchical structure of the information is clear cut: the column of project data is the load-bearing element; the descriptive contents are borne along by the body copy. the light style of the geometrically designed future typeface is another reference to the engineering side of sobek’s skills, while the understated, business-like blend of black and grey type corresponds to the corporate dress code. 



werner sobek ingenieure  

gmbh & co kg 


project team: 

beate kapprell  

maja mory  

(project management) 

silke sabow 

(project management) 

andreas uebele 


photos and illustrations  

inside the book: 

petra böttcher 

zooey braun 

h.g. esch 

christian gahl 

christoph gebler 

brigida gonzalez 

roland halbe 

florian holzherr 

andreas keller 

johannes marburg 

christian richters 

frank rümmele 

wolfgang schmidberger 


rainer viertlböck 

uwe walter 

werner sobek 

peter studer 


photo product: 

lothar bertrams 




frank heinlein 


german design prize 2010, nominated 


die schönsten deutschen bücher 2008, stiftung buchkunst 

other projects

werner sobek visual identity