100 years of ifa
visual identity
stuttgart 2017

what if a ... 


ifa (institut für auslandsbeziehungen), germany’s oldest organisation dedicated to international cultural relations, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. a brand and a key visual were required for the many events, exhibitions, conferences and publications celebrating this landmark year. to keep the message clear and avoid confusion, we simply re-drew ifa’s existing logo by hand. scritchetty scratch – and hey presto, the brand, one element of the brief, was in place. the other element, the key visual, is a literal illustrative realisation of the festivities’ title and content: “cultures of we”. what “we” are can now be seen on all screens, printed materials and pens: dancing and reclining, small and tall, portly and slim, old and young, black and white, rowdy and pensive. on umbrellas, on flags, this motley troupe performs its cheerful ballet. to such irresistibly mood-lifting effect that the client asked us – by the by – if we could also develop a typeface, based on the handwritten logo, for use in titles. this custom-designed font is used to pose questions that form part of the corporate design for the anniversary year. beginning with “what if a ...”, they reference both the institution’s name and the content of the anniversary programme, offering a serious counterpart to the playfulness of the font and illustrations. so now everything’s bright and beautiful – let the party begin.  







institut für auslandsebeziehungen (ifa) 


project team: 

carolin himmel 

jonas pelzer 

weronika rafa (project manager) 

andreas uebele 



christian lindermann 

romina iken 


principal typeface: 


own (weronifa, büro uebele)