bree collection
letter logo, visual identity, corporate design
isernhagen 2008

bagmaker bree’s logo dates back to the 1970s. because of its high recognition value the logo was carefully reworked in such as way as to retain its strong characteristic appeal. design weaknesses were rectified and the stroke endings and corners of the characters were formed as curves. the result is a contemporary image of the company that says: the brand changes, but the traditional values stay the same. 



bree collection gmbh & co kg 


project team:  

gerd häußler  

(project manager 2004–2008)  

beate kapprell  

(project manager 2008–2010) 

angela klasar 

(project manager since 2010)  

sabine schönhaar 

andreas uebele 


german design prize 2011, nominated 


deutscher designer club (ddc), good design 10, gold  


german design prize 2010, nominated 


red dot award: communication design 2008