gwangju design biennale
contribution to an exhibition
gwangju, 2019

hieroglyphs of nature

handing over a flower is a polite, tender and peaceful gesture. on the surface of the new united korean flag there is a red blossom on blue background. the five petals not only refer to the five-pointed star of north korea but also to the imperial seal of korea, which is a stylized plum blossom. additionally, the petal on the new flag refers to the rose of sharon, the symbol of the national emblem of south korea as to the white magnolia which is the national flower of north korea. ultimately everything is merged, new and old, north and south, the colours blue and red, which both states bear, the imperial and communistic symbol but especially a symbol that is known in the north, south, east and west: a blossom, a peaceful symbol, something that grows and shows that anything is ephemeral, except beauty.



gwangju, south korea 




gwangju design center 

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

dominik bissem (project manager)

carolin himmel

andreas uebele