interior things
visual identity, naming
holzminden 2015

orderly spaces: 

product designer wolfgang hartauer designs accessories for desks – in the office or at home. and for bathrooms. for all those places, in other words, where even the neat freaks among us tend to run out of ideas: what to do with all those fiddly bits and bobs, the rubber bands, that favourite pen? this elegant system uses a u-shaped aluminium profile as a simple solution for creating order, providing a uniform structural base for a range of spatial configurations. we adopted the same principle for the interior things logo, using angled characters to add structure and create a distinctive look. and all those capital ‘I’s are neatly cleared away. tidiness rules! 



interior things gmbh

project team:

daniel fels (project management)

petr pščolka

andreas uebele


berit schneidereit

principal typefaces: