lehmbruck museum 
jochen gerz: the walk – keine retrospektive
corporate design for an exhibition
duisburg, 2018

looking, not looking back

jochen gerz refuses to conform. to viewers hoping to gawp at beautiful art he makes it brutally clear that this time they’re going to have to think for themselves. in his exhibition “the walk”, subtitled “no retrospective”, there are no pretty pictures on the wall and there’s no catalogue either. nor are there audio-guides to whisper deep meanings and art historical commonplaces in obedient ears. instead the museum is like an open book, readable and walkable – as the show’s name clearly states. because the museum façade – 7 metres high, nearly 100 metres long – is completely covered with red-coloured text. you can follow it (literally) step by step, reading a text that spans eight decades, about jochen gerz’s life and art. or you can jump from one idea to the next, setting your own thoughts in motion.







lehmbruck museum

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

dominik bissem (project manager)

carolin himmel

andreas uebele


dominik bissem (3–5)

sarah hollfeld (6)

tobias hönow (7–13)

sabitha saul (2), Jochen Gerz, THE WALK, 2018, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

frank vinken (1), Jochen Gerz, THE WALK, 2018, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

principal typefaces:

work sans, bold