viavai winebar
visual identity
stuttgart 2004

viavai. the name itself conjures up the rhythm of people walking by. an image familiar from italian climes. whole landscapes arise before our inner eye, colors and shapes, the name reminds us of a familiar world and the design follows the mind-traveler into a typical local bar. the logo is created from the letters that make up the name. the shape is abstract, but familiar. it says: i am an italian bar. the colors are brown and violet, symbolizing elegance, fa bella figura. the clear, clean design effectively offsets the soft curves of the typeface: a playful, striking shape exuding nothing less than grandezza. 



maurizio estrano 



lamott architekten bda 


project team:  

beate gerner  

(project manager) 

andreas uebele 



andreas körner 


if award für exzellentes design 


the chicago athenaeum, 

2006 good design award