eleven designers
fifa world cup 2006
corporate identity, interactive user interface
germany 2006

start movie: eleven designers 


kick-off: the letters and numbers spin, whirl and dodge about as the game gets underway. the ›d‹ is dancing for delight, the ›w‹ is waltzing down the wing and the ›t‹ is twisting and turning. but where's the ball? who cares? it's a great game anyway. there's the final whistle. on the pitch the players display strength and elegance. an invisible puppet-master choreographs their movements over the green grass. the corporate identity is captured in short clips, embodying the aesthetic essence of football. the letters move to the rhythm of familiar tunes. stop the clip at any point and it will invariably show a rearranged but legible version of the name of the event. the wordmark is a snapshot of the letters and numbers, distributed across the surface in much the same way as the players would be on the pitch. the bright and cheerful interpretation of football as a dance is underpinned by music from the teams’ home countries: bossa nova, country, waltz, flamenco, tango ... 


project team: 

marc engenhart (project manager) 

frank geiger 

andreas uebele