– wie ich bin –?!, typographic work, andreas uebele in cooperation with, tamara hansen, düsseldorf 2016

wie ich bin

»the way i am?« could be a question – and the answer could be »beautiful«. but who would claim that of themselves? and isn’t »wanting to be beautiful« an absurd wish anyway? or are we beautiful but don’t know it? how to define beauty? is beauty about having big breasts, because many men (supposedly) find that desirable? is beauty about having a big bottom, because some cultural norms say it is? the notion of what constitutes beauty is forever shifting as ideals come and go. what remains is our inhibited, fearful view of our own bodies, a view shaped by questionable ideal standards of beauty. being unhappy with our bodies or parts of them is something most of us share and suffer from. but what about people who model for the camera precisely because they embody a very specific notion of beauty? what will four beautiful young women say, when asked what they don’t like about their bodies? photographer tamara hansen and communications designer andreas uebele set out to find the answer. the outcome is surprising – or (sad to say) perhaps not. only once did they hear the reply: »nothing, i’m happy the way i am«. so »the way i am« needn’t be a question; it can also be a message, when we define for ourselves what it is to be beautiful.

wie ich bin –?!
typographic work
andreas uebele in cooperation with
tamara hansen
düsseldorf 2016


tamara hansen, andreas uebele

tamara hansen

communication design
andreas uebele

principal typefaces

evelyne lukengu
odoreen opoku

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agnes hecking

clara giummarresi

olga tsakno
irene velweiss