viel lärm um nichts? – ado, logo redesign, aschendorf 2013

much ado about nothing?

the brand redesign follows objective, technical criteria in a judicious and scrupulous manner. solving formal problem areas was our priority: the name’s three letters are three typographic divas, lined up on the stage in splendid isolation. at a fundamental level, what we have here are geometric shapes: triangle, semicircle, circle – forms that repel each other, standing starkly separate. the new typeface, a special version of bodoni, not only exhibits a cool, timeless rigour but also harks back to the previous typeface, forging a link with the brand’s successful history. the three characters are designed so that the wedge-shaped space between the blunt end of the »A« and the »D« is relatively small. the »A« would normally have a pointed end, which would make this space significantly larger, heightening the effect of separation between the two characters. the »D« has horizontal strokes top and bottom, clearly distinguishing it from the »O« and enhancing legibility.

so close attention to detail was called for – but who cares about such trifles? this client does. which is great. and it’s also the reason why the »goldkante« tag beneath the wordmark is in avenir. though 200 years younger, avenir – the company’s new house typeface – is another geometrically constructed font, and thus builds a bridge between past and present.

logo redesign
aschendorf 2013



project team:
angela klasar (project manager)
andreas uebele