delicat-essen – german medical association’s 127th agm in essen, visual identity, düsseldorf, 2022

the german medical association’s 127th agm takes place in the city of essen and the event’s slogan “viel essen” is a play on this city’s name, which also means “eat” in german. the various formulations: – “viel essen, viel sehen” / see a lot of essen, or “viel essen, viel erleben” / experience a lot of essen − reference the huge amount this city in the ruhr has to offer as the venue of this major medical event. promotional film clips and materials – leaflets, social media, etc. – underpin the slogan. the client in this case and organiser of the event was the north rhine medical association and some of its members – young, old, female, male, working in private practices and hospitals – provided insights into their work and self-image in interviews with journalist miriam holzapfel. together with portraits by göran gnaudschun this has given rise to a living, authentic and diverse image that defines the event’s visual identity − an image supported by the handwritten lettering specially designed (of course) by a member of our team. a vibrant, very human delicat-essen.

german medical association’s 127th agm in essen
visual identity
düsseldorf, 2022




ärtzekammer nordrhein

communication design:
büro uebele
visuelle kommunikation

project team:
carolin himmel
justyna sikora (project manager)
andreas uebele

principle typeface:
gt eesti
grilli type

göran gnaudschun

büro uebele visuelle kommunikation (concept)
miriam holzapfel (editing)
filmakademie baden-württemberg, fahle film (production)

interviews, claim:
miriam holzapfel

justyna sikora (1, 3–9)
ärztekammer nordrhein (2)