how do i fall in love with my new corporate design? – ask klaus!, naming, visual identity and website, stuttgart, rome 2015

when people ask “what do you do?”, the answer “communications designer” generally provokes a look of polite confusion on the questioner’s face. adding in a swift footnote – “graphic design” – can help to prevent the small talk crashing to an abrupt end. not that things are necessarily any better the other way round: what does a gastroenterologist do? or a hermeneutist? but do we really want to know the details? anyway, in this particular case your resident communications designer didn’t quite know how to manage the exuberant multifacetedness of one client’s working life. how could his wide-ranging work as a coach be communicated in a brand? so reflecting this uncertainty, the corporate design asks questions. this is a brand without logos and emblems, but with questions galore – “how can i deal with uncertainty?” or “how can i embrace diversity?”: small talk that communicates effectively, ideally leaving no questions unanswered. the corporate design’s 25 different questions illuminate the diverse aspects of coaching and reflect the coach’s working method. the personal element in the coaching process is visualised typographically: each question is set in its own specific typeface. the “ask klaus” logo changes to adapt to the typeface in which the question is set. this adaptable visual identity references the fact that coaching is a living, changing process. the questions appear across a range of applications, describing possible situations that might make it necessary to approach a coach.

any questions?

ask klaus!
naming, visual identity and website
stuttgart, rome 2015


klaus haasis

project team:
sven eul (project management, draft)
fanziska virgili (project management, design)
petr pščolka
andreas uebele

berit schneidereit

principal typefaces: