a new st(uttg)art – aufbruch stuttgart, corporate design, stuttgart 2017

urban planning in stuttgart is a misnomer. urban chaos might capture it better. now the people of stuttgart, tired of their city’s mistreatment at the hands of the authorities, have got together and formed an association. it’s called ‘aufbruch stuttgart’ – or roughly, a ‘new start for stuttgart’. fittingly, its logo presents a radical departure from standard reading mode: the two syllables of each word have been split and reconfigured. they can be read from top to bottom or upside down – sending a clear signal that something has to change.

aufbruch stuttgart
corporate design
stuttgart 2017


aufbruch stuttgart

project team:
carolin himmel
romina iken
(project management)
christian lindermann (draft)
petr pscolka (programming)
andreas uebele

romina iken
christian lindermann

principal typefaces:
gt america