– demenz support stuttgart, logotype,, visual identity, stuttgart 2003

demenz support

the sign is a distillation. it presents a structure – a structure reminiscent of the branching out of nerve path-ways or the veins of a leaf. it expresses what the company does: transferring knowledge. the logo is a factual statement, with an organic shape that brings the human factor into play. reducing the image to three lines creates a simple, memorable geomet ric figure. the angle of the type expresses movement, underscoring the message of the logo. the two-line subline is left-justified and the angled left-hand margin accentuates the flowing impression of the italics.

demenz support stuttgart
visual identity
stuttgart 2003


demenz support stuttgart gmbh
zentrum für informationstransfer

project team:
christine voshage (project manager)
andreas uebele