– corporate design for the exhibition “zeigen. an audio tour of berlin by karin sander.”, berlin 2009

karin sander

welcome to a new dimension in cultural perception: “zeigen” means “show” and karin sander is out to “show” art. but not in the conventional way: she’s aiming to access the visual sphere via the sense of hearing, creating unique images in the observer’s mind. sander asked over 500 artists from berlin to describe an art work or provide sounds and audio documents for the exhibition. with the “zeigen” audio tour, she transforms hearing into an artistic experience.

the catalogue, with its graphic design and sound transcriptions, is itself a direct interpretation of the transient medium of sound. unlike conventional exhibition documentation, which believes in weight and durability, this publication is highly fragile and ephemeral: its 600+ pages contain nothing but the artists’ names, printed on extremely thin paper. the pages are transparent, like the sounds that can be heard in the exhibition. the fragile form captures the character of sound. the body of the book has no protective binding: even flicking through it once leaves traces behind. the rustling of the paper supports the radical concept, which documents only the artists, not the exhibits – e.g. by including an audio format. this is a reinterpretation of the concept of the exhibition catalogue as medium in its own right.

corporate design for the exhibition “zeigen. an audio tour of berlin by karin sander.”
berlin 2009


karin sander and temporäre kunsthalle berlin

project team:
jan filek (project manager)
andreas uebele

conception catalogue:
büro uebele with karin sander

art edition:
karin sander
andreas uebele

daniel fels


  • designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland 2012, nominiert
  • istd international typographic awards 2011, certificate of excellence
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 11, award
  • joseph binder award 2010, silber