– lederer ragnarsdóttir oei, visual identity, stuttgart 2012

lederer ragnarsdóttir oei

one firm, three names. from stuttgart to reykjavik via vienna and zurich. from first draft to final construction, from architecture to costume and stage design, this is anything but a conventional architectural practice. with a duly unconventional wordmark. the wordmark is a graphic take on three leading figures who stand for a specific mindset. the numerous letters and the names – short, medium and long – are moulded into a unit. the ensuing typographical problem zones are resolved pragmatically – by forging links where the opportunity arises. microtypographical features visualise the firm’s attention to architectural detail.


lederer ragnarsdóttir oei
visual identity
stuttgart 2012


lederer ragnarsdóttir oei

project team:
petr pščolka (project manager)
andreas uebele

daniel fels

principal typefaces:
ff din


  • german design award 2016, winner
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 15, award