well weighted – miriam holzapfel, corporate design, stuttgart 2017

look closely now! this is a logo. you might not see it straight away, but you can hear it when you read it from the business card, saying the words out loud. look again – more closely – and you notice that the letters look kind of different from normal. no, not “kind of”, that’s just the kind of vagueness our client – she works with language – would never let slip through the net. these font widths have been carefully calibrated: all the letters have different widths, the o in the middle – a soft, extended sound when spoken – is wider than the short, snappy e at the end. Still closer inspection reveals that these letters weren’t just (sorry) “kind of” distorted – they were allocated their specific widths by the expert eye of none other than the creator of the font. this scrupulous attention to technical detail, this subtle typographic refinement, aligns neatly with the client’s own approach: with their range of different widths, like her sensitive and resonant use of language these letters open up a wealth of possibilities.

miriam holzapfel
corporate design
stuttgart 2017


miriam holzapfel sprache & kommunikation

project team:
christian lindermann (projectmanager)
andreas uebele

christian lindermann

principal typeface:
maison neue