– gastroenterology and oncology at st. anna's, corporate design, stuttgart 2009

practice at st. anna's

healthcare in the true sense of the word becomes tangible through personal contact. the concentrated circular contact between an ink-dipped fingertip and a sheet of paper leaves a mark, a graphic personal signature. the fingerprint is a symbol of the doctor's personal concern with the well-being of his patients. it argues that the physician's key contribution lies in his personal dedication to the patient – and not just in applying advanced analytical technology or communicating a factual diagnosis. consequently, the logo has no need of the formal aspects that are otherwise required. it is not a graphic sign made up of specially designed elements, but a human record. Its message to patients is that here, at this surgery, they will be treated as individuals and benefit from personal care and attention.

gastroenterology and oncology at st. anna's
corporate design
stuttgart 2009


prof. dr. med. bodo klump

project team:
angela klasar (project management)
andreas uebele

daniel fels

principal typefaces: