– XXII international union of architects (uia) congress, logotype, istanbul 2005


a triangle is a triangle. wrong. a triangle can also be three, six or nine triangles. and at the centre there is a space: another triangle. a tri -an gle is a simple shape, easy to recall. this one has a complex structure comprising three rotat ing equilateral triangles, emerging out of six irregular triangles. an equilateral triangle resting on one corner looks unstable. it will tend to tip over, although the forces pulling it to the left and right are equal. but stand it on one side and it looks firm and unshakeable – rigid and ungainly. turn the logo and it begins to move, gaining agility. the corners reach out into the surrounding space, the other surfaces merge back into irregular triangles. the different amounts of type, set in linotype univers, react with the space, and the distinction between the different weights of type only emerges at second glance.

XXII international union of architects (uia) congress
istanbul 2005


international competition
1st prize, realized

international union of
architects (uia)

project team:
frank geiger (project manager)
andreas uebele