– vh, vilson hardt construtora e incorporadora, visual identity, curitiba (brazil) 2013

vilson hardt

the company’s name is formed from the initials of its founder, vilson hardt. typographic construction creates a lettermark that visualises the company’s activity: designing and building houses. simple procedures – rotating the letters and interlacing them – have generated a striking and memorable logo. the expressive shapes combine with the sans-serif typeface gt pressura and the cool colour tones – anthracite and sky blue – to build a dynamic, effective whole.

vilson hardt construtora e incorporadora
visual identity
curitiba (brazil) 2013


vilson hardt construtora e incorporadora

project team:
thanh-thao tran (project manager)
lena drießen
andreas uebele

principal typefaces:
gt pressura


  • tdc tokyo, annual awards 2015, selected
  • deutscher designer club (ddc), gute gestaltung 15, award
  • red dot award: communication design 2014, red dot
  • german design award 2015, nominee