in permanent orbit – zatellite automotive electronics gmbh, corporate design / naming, göppingen-voralb 2016

the task was to create a name and a word mark for a newly established company. the founder is a supplier to the automobile industry by the name of zat, now accompanied by its electronics subsidiary on a journey through automotive space. having the word elite hidden within the new name does the whole thing no harm. the tiny electronic components that the brand develops are captured in the dot over the i that follows the mother ship like a satellite in permanent orbit. as the eye travels on beyond the dot, rising to the heavens, it espies a band of sky-blue type, the natural colour for the brand.

zatellite automotive electronics gmbh
corporate design / naming
göppingen-voralb 2016


zatellite automotive electronics gmbh

project team:
christian lindermann
(projectmanager until 16 09)
cecile leufgen
(projectmanager since 16 09)
andreas uebele

christian lindermann

principal typeface:
gt pressura