– deutsche akademie rom, villa massimo, website, 2016

villa massimo

informazione e immagine

villa massimo is one of germany’s most important cultural institutions and its website can, indeed should, showcase the unique treasures this place has to offer. which means art. at the same time this design meets the technical requirements of a contemporary website. and where art and technology come together the result is a unique atmospheric concentration – rather like the atmosphere at the villa itself in rome.

with every scrolling or swiping movement the neutral, grey-white menu field gets a new background, showing images of works by former scholarship holders. artists, composers, writers, designers and architects have all left their mark in the academy’s studios as ambassadors of germany’s cultural quality and diversity. the creators of the works displayed are named in a small text field; when the mouse is placed over this area the entire image can be seen without the text. new scholarship holders are constantly supplying new works and images, which means that villa massimo is ever-changing, constantly renewed. and so is its website.


deutsche akademie rom
villa massimo


project team:
petr pščolka
simon renner
(project management)
andreas uebele

petr pščolka