multi-media information installation

a table in a room. served up on the table is a film made of colour and form, architecture and the research undertaken here in-house. with digital projectors mounted on the ceiling, the surface of the table is projected into the room like a virtual fountain, its water cascading over the walls and doors. as you draw closer to the table, coloured spaces in red, blue and green enter the film, as if guided by an unseen hand. the spaces carry information about people, events and locations. it is art; it is information. visual communication becomes an image in space. information about people, events and locations. 


invited competition 1st prize 

in cooperation with karin sander 






brenner & partner  


artistic concept:  

karin sander 

andreas uebele 


project team:  

marc-oliver gern  

(project manager) 

matthias herzogenrath 

andreas uebele 


product design:  

büro für gestaltung  

diane ziegler 


film, programming:  

jangled nerves 


camera, direction, editing: 

lothar heinrich 

andreas körner 



michael rapp 


british design & art direction 



art directors club deutschland 



the chicago athenaeum, 

good design award 


deutscher multimedia award  

»lobende erwähnung«