büro für gestaltung diane ziegler
fanfold flyer corporate brochure
stuttgart 2004

mega origami. laid out flat it’s eight-and-a-half metres long. a colourful walk through a diverse world of architecture. leaf through it like a book, or stand it up and build yourself a multicoloured maze. this giant fanfold flyer sets out the capabilities of the design bureau as a diverse range of creatively crafted spaces. 



büro für gestaltung  

diane ziegler 


project team: 

beate kapprell  

(project management)  

frank geiger 

andreas uebele 


photos fanfold flyer: 

lothar bertrams 

bernd kammerer 

andreas körner 


photo product: 

andreas körner 



wilfried korfmacher 


new york festivals 


if communication design  

award 2005, »if award für  

exzellentes design« 


red dot award:  

communication design 2005  

»red dot für hohe designqualität« 


german design prize 2007, 



joseph binder award, award