werner sobek, non nobis – über das bauen in der zukunft [not ours: on building in the future]
vol 2: über die randbedingungen des zukünftigen [on the boundary conditions of the future]
visual identity and editorial design
stuttgart, 2023

as service providers we apply our skills to serve the matter in hand. in this case that matter – climate change − couldn’t be more urgent or important; it impacts every one of us. so we took the alarming (and unfortunately also complex) facts on climate change assembled by werner sobek and presented them as beautifully as possible, to get them the attention they deserve. We re-drew charts that were previously hard to compare or understand and made the facts they illustrate accessible and comprehensible. Because after all, knowing the facts is where awareness begins. this beautiful form is our way of helping to combat an ugly reality.



werner sobek

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

lorenz grohmann (project manager)

carolin himmel

marcel tillmanns (project manager)

andreas uebele


lorenz grohmann 

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