deutsche werkbund exhibition venice 2014
venice 2014

black and white and read all over 


deutsche? werkbund? exhibition? deutsche we can deal with. but few people will know what this »werkbund« thing is or what its original purpose was. which is why the exhibition poster is designed to illustrate precisely what this honourable institution stands for: bringing together the interests of the arts and business across multiple disciplines. that may sound simple enough these days, but when the organisation was founded exactly 100 years ago, it was nothing less than revolutionary. so this poster is a sign of change in more ways than one – because this captivating collection of 598 words invites you to do just that: change them around, mix and merge them to form amusing or insightful combinations and collocations, reading left to right or top to bottom. the outcome is a series of self-made crossfunctional phrases and thoughtflows like: »passion swarm« or »beyond consistency«. they spread the word that every nascent notion begins with language and that a diversity of disciplines will enrich any task and its outcome. just like the 41 authors from 14 specialist fields who contributed to this visionary vocabulary of the changing times. 


alp shout 

passion flüssig ziegeln 

nylon verzweiflung 

gefühlmittel whatever 

kinderzimmer wuselig gold 

underground zellenstruktur noir 

kaputtalismus tradition  

raumqualität royal vernichtung 

in-between mensch formalität 

sowohl-als-auch parallel 

schön rauh  

atemberaubend glatt 

betablocker bumsfidel linearität 

ideal scheitern 

hängematte poetsich staunen 

einfühlsam sehen seele 

häkelpulli heimisch tragen 

auszeit sinnvoll 

verantwortung plane weiter 

feld sexy 

imaging spiel 

konsequenz slow down ereignis 

grauwert power 

stille spurensuche 

dream journey 

playtest liebe 

haltung once more 

purple pinsel suche 

marmor blickwinkel gänsehaut 

eleganz suchen  

sinlichkeit finden 



deutscher werkbund berlin 


project team: 

carolin himmel (project management) 

andreas uebele 



2xgoldstein, joachim baldauf, olaf barski, ruedi baur, lothar bertrams, kai bierich, hannes böhringer, christian boros, jürgen braun, bazon brock, andreas cukrowicz, timo gaessner, brigida gonzález, martin grothmaak, wolfgang hartauer, frank höhne, peter ippolito, holger jacobs, jehs+laub, axel kufus, arno lederer, sindri lederer, sarah maier, nils holger moormann, harald f. müller, julia münzing, uwe münzing, sandro parrotta, frank philippin, sybille philippin, jórunn ragnarsdóttir, arno ritter, daniel rothaug, karin sander, gerwin schmidt, eva-maria schön, werner sobek, oliver sorg, tobias wulf, diane ziegler, peter zizka.