kopfstand, magazine, editorial design
hamburg, 2022

where can i find happiness?

well that’s easy: on the pages of these magazines from publishers zeit-verlag. they ask children really important questions. and since good questions are the starting point of all philosophy, the s in the word kopfstand (german for headstand) is mirrored horizontally, turning it upside down, and hovers above a dot, looking for all the world like a question mark. When composing the layout, all we had to do was juxtapose the engaging copy from our client miriam holzapfel and the quirky, appealing illustrations from shiven sven wang – which turned out to be child’s play. 



miriam holzapfel 

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

selina gerlach (project manager visual identity)

carolin himmel

lauren nightingale (project manager editorial)

andreas uebele


shiwen sven wang


lauren nightingale

principal typeface:

chauncy pro, bold

von chank co, 2012

gotham rounded,

medium, medium italic

von hoefler & co., 2007