visual identity
heitersheim, 2022

three-hand freehand

father, son and daughter-in-law work together in this architecture practice and so the company now has its own bespoke headline typeface based on the handwriting of all three senior partners: these freehand forms have been mixed with a geometrically-constructed typeface which was also custom-designed for the project. the new typeface brings everything together in harmony: years of experience and a fresh perspective, jagged and straight, feminine and masculine. so everyone’s happy. really, everyone? not quite, some of the smiley faces are looking sad because they only get to fill out the line. well, somebody’s got to do it!




communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

filip antunović (project manager)

carolin himmel

andreas uebele

lena windisch

principle typeface:

own (stoll headline and stoll regular in collaboration withgabriel richter)


lena windisch


tokyo tdc annual awards 2024, excellent work