evangelische stiftung alsterdorf
visual identity
hamburg 2007

words with minds of their own: the special nature of this project is expressed in the words, which give voice to the multifaceted character of the organisation. the rhythm can be varied in line with simple rules for the group’s many different divisions. each logo is individual, free-standing, while at the same time clearly relating to the whole. the design expresses the philosophy of the foundation, which works with disabled people. the smallest part of the organisation gets just the same attention, in design terms, as the overarching structure. the colours are like musical notes. the structure remains the same, each variation adds another facet to the overall range of expression. the coloured and grey tones arethe building blocks of the design, the abundance of different tones becomes audible; mirroring the organisation itself. loud tones, quiet tones create a sequence without dissonance. 



evangelische stiftung  

alsterdorf, hamburg 


project team:  

alexandra busse  

(project manager) 

katrin dittmann 

katrin häfner 

daniel perraudin 

margarethe saxler 

andreas uebele 


german design prize 2009, gold 


2007 good design graphics award, the chicago athenaeum 


red dot award, communication design 2008 


deutscher designer club  

(ddc), silver 

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