erzbischöfliches ordinariat münchen,
dienstleistungs- und kompetenzzentrum
signage system
münchen 2017

seek and ye shall find 


the building by franz jaud, dating from 1954, presented a challenging context – its atmosphere oppressive, its character forbidding. the archdiocese of munich is converting it into a resource and pastoral centre where many diocesan staff, including the cardinal himself, will work. 


now this building is being filled with new things – things that are necessarily different, that are of our times, performing new functions: guiding and leading. these simple, economical additions appear almost incidental. the interventions are sensitive – integrating with the architecture without being overwhelmed by it. 


within the extensive building complex, key wayfinding locations have been picked out and these transitional spaces have been given distinctive colour moods – supporting orientation at a subconscious level. each of these colour spaces is painted in a different shade, using a highly pigmented paint; the 27 different tones are all derived from the liturgical colours lilac, red, blue, rose, green, black and white. in every case not just the walls but also window frames and sills, radiators and skirting boards are all painted in the same colour. 


large circular glass panels with text provide wayfinding guidance, their shapes standing out against the horizontals and verticals of the wall surfaces. the backs of the panels are painted to match the colour of the wall behind, creating the impression that the wall has been highly polished at this point. the lettering is in fluorescent orange – the stand-out colour offering a tiny, playful tribute to the here and now. 



erzbischöfliches ordinariat münchen 



fink+jocher architekten 


communication design: 

büro uebele 

visuelle kommunikation 


project team: 

carolin himmel 

(project management 2014–2017) 

katrin theile 

(project management 2012–2014)  

andreas uebele 






michael heinrich 


principal typefaces: 

interstate black 

ff din (arrows) 


gross floor area: 

28 000 m² 


building sum: 

36 mio eur