steinparkschulen freising
signage system
freising 2022

new blocks for the kids 

primary and middle schools – in this case the steinparkschulen complex – are places where diverse building blocks come together: long or short, young or old, unassuming or bold. converging here from their various places of origin, they whirl around, bonding with one another and forming groups (including colourful components), then splitting up and re-forming to forge new connections, which might prove stable or volatile. the beauty of the typographic composition shows that lovingly, attentively, we can – indeed we absolutely must! – look beyond standardised, conventional ideas to shape the world we live in. 



city of freising


fuchs und rudolph

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

dominik bissem (typeface)

carolin himmel

julian körner (project manager, 08/2021-05/2022)

marcel tillmanns (project manager, since 05/2022)

andreas uebele


hans-christian schink


own, domino grotesk bold in collaboration with gabriel richter, nice to type; circular pro medium and bold (laurenz brunner, lineto)


hannes böhringer